School photography services

We attend a very diverse range of institutions from nurseries, playgroups, schools through to Rainbows, Cub Scouts and dance/theatre groups. Our Schools Photographic services cover a wide range of services that include:

  • Educational branding
  • Individual portraits
  • Class group images
  • Whole school group photography
  • Achievement evenings
  • Prom Ball
  • Prospectus photography
  • Graduation photography
  • Family Days

When we approach a photographic commission, we endeavour to achieve the most from each session, whetherit is the widest smiles, the sweetest poses or the individual character. What we won't do is put people on a conveyer belt and rush through a photo session. Here are the finer details:

Educational branding

  • wall mounted acrylic boards
Bringing bespoke imagery together with school values and mission statements and printed onto a wide range of media from acrylic to wallpaper, helping to aspire students and lift the look of the school for teachers and parents alike. The service includes design and creation of pencil tins, uniforms, visual media, prospectus, websites as well as full re-brands

Individual portraits

  • 2 boys nose to nose
We want parents and carers to have a choice of images from their proofcards, so we create between 4 & 6 images of each child, depending on the type of session. These include head and shoulder images as well as full length photos. If a child is willing we might add a few funky twirly photos. We always take siblings as individuals as well as together, better to have than not to have!

Class group images/whole school group photography

  • group of children in school class photo
An annual time to record either the pre-school leavers or each class together in a group with their room leaders or teaching staff together. Weather permitting we set up outside and balance the photograph by placing the children either by gender or colour of clothing which makes the resulting photograph more aesthetic. With whole school group photography we work with a number of companies who supply our staging sets when photographing a large body of students.

Achievement Evenings

  • girl holding Ellie May Trophy
A big date in the school calender when the top students are high-lighted for their intuitive creativity and educational dexterity. Our services include photographing the students as they receive their awards on stage, group photos of all the award winners on stage, smaller group images for purpose of school PR. All of these images are sold direct to the parents, which means they can acquire a prrofessionally produced photographic record of their child's achievement.

Prom Ball

  • group of boys with hands in pockets
The night when the students let their hair down and have an evening reminiscing about their time together at school. We provide the photography that records their evening together as a whole group as well as in their friendship groups. We can bring our own backdrops or (our preference) use natural backgrounds such as fire places in some of the grand hotels that we have attended. The images are viewed and printed on the night so no waiting for the postman to deliver those memories recorded as great images.

Prospectus Photography

  • mille feulie made of cream and blurberries
For a school to get it's message across succinctly, it needs great images to support the text. We have provided numerous institutions with photographic portfolios for their forthcoming prospectus'. Working closely with Heads and teaching staff to work through a school maximising the time as well as the available resources to create fresh yet dynamic imagery.

Graduation Photography

  • girl in graduation gown
A new concept entering the nursery stage is Graduation Day for those little learners departing early childcare and starting school. We offer some wonderful photography that captures their day with individual photos of children adorning their gowns and a group photo together with the staff who have cared for them. We have our own stock of graduation outfits, and can help you formulate your own Graduation Day celebrations.

Family Days

  • girls in fairy outfits running
A firm favourite with our nurseries, playgroups and lower schools. Taking place on a Saturday so the whole family can be together, and at the location of the nursery/school. We bring one of our larger mobile studios and let the family have some fun whilst we capture the session from behind the camera. All sessions are free, with great prices against some superb products to display those chosen images.

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