It's a New Year!

Posted: 22nd January, 2013

January is full of the boring stuff-or is it?
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With the diary in place for the year, it is time to look at how well last years packs sold and implement any necessary changes as well as make any adjustments to the website. Some new services on the horizon which will include Gift Vouchers, extra photo gifts to compliment the Kindle and iPad covers as well as the inclusion of a new app for iPhones and a new graduation photo service for colleges and institutions of Further Education. All this on top of 135 sessions and marketing for a potential 2nd photographer.

One of the biggest tasks is updating the camera equipment with the latest all singing, all dancing model. The choice comes down to either the Nikon D600 or Nikon D800. It all depends on how large the file size needs to be and whether video will be a future necessity!

Are you on Instagram? If so, have a look at my images that I have been creating during the snowy season. You can find me at CAMERACAPTAIN on Instagram and follow my uploads.

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