And now for something a little different!

Posted: 27th April, 2018

When searching for new clients I've always found that the personal approach is the best foot forward. 

A call to view!

Posted: 16th April, 2018

The most exciting thing about photography isn't buying loads of equipment, it's having those serendipitous moments when you turn a corner and a scene unravels itself before you. Numerous times I've gone out to capture an image and found something better along the way. 

It's a New Year!

Posted: 22nd January, 2013

January is full of the boring stuff-or is it?

With the diary in place for the year, it is time to look at how well last years packs sold and implement any necessary changes as well as make any adjustments to the website. Some new services on the horizon which will include Gift Vouchers, extra photo gifts to compliment the Kindle and iPad covers as well as the inclusion of a new app for iPhones and a new graduation photo service for colleges and institutions of Further Education. All this on top of 135 sessions and marketing for a potential 2nd photographer.

Ochre Red Studios website goes live

Posted: 14th September, 2012

It's finally here, the all new very shiny Ochre Red Studios website. Hours of human time have been poured into this vast portal to great portrait photography, as well as a bit of blood, sweat and tears. We love it, and we hope that you do to. Sign up to the mailing list to receive all of the latest news and offers and don't forget we are on Twitter and Facebook in case you prefer these modes of social media. Until we meet next, have a greaty day-I'm off to photograph Richard Whitehead, GOLD winning Paralympian.

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